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How to Reach a Hands Free Orgasm?

As you already know, there are many ways to experience an amazing orgasm, and one of them is a hands free orgasm

This sexual climax is experienced without using hands or fingers, which refers to the one who reaches orgasm. This can be achieved by stimulating other parts of the body, but also only with the help of the mind, which we will explain in more detail below. We will also explain what exactly the term hands free includes, as well as what are the best ways for such a climax.

In the rest of the article, you can find out everything about what a hands free orgasm is, as well as how to achieve it with many excellent techniques!


What Is a Hands-Free Orgasm? 

To experience sexual pleasure, you can use many things, from body parts to objects, in addition to contact with your partner. In the case of hands free orgasm, the emphasis is on other options that do not involve hands in order to experience sexual pleasure

First of all, we need to define what the term hands-free means. The answer is simple – if you don’t use your hands for stimulation, it’s hands-free. What you can use is the following:

  • Sex toys
  • Household items
  • Other parts of the body
  • Breathwork
  • Mind
  • Energy
  • Dry humping

Deeper satisfaction sometimes does not require a lot of effort, but the right way of stimulation. There are even techniques that do not involve any touch. According to experienced sex educators, orgasm happens first in the brain and then in the body, which means that sometimes it can happen only in the brain. 

What you will get as a result with the help of an orgasm in which no hands are used will be – in addition to enormous enjoyment – and the expansion of your sexual experience. 

If this sounds interesting (or familiar!), you’re in the right place because we’re going to reveal some of the best techniques for this type of sexual climax.


How To Get Started 

The next thing you are probably interested in is how to start with a hands free orgasm. Here are some of the best basic tips we have prepared for you:

  • Release the pressure
  • Make a plan
  • Get turned on
  • Experiment and be creative
  • Be patient

The point of this experimentation is to relax as much as possible, especially when it comes to new sensations and pleasures. The goal here is not to have an orgasm but to enjoy exploring. If you are exploring with a partner, set boundaries, goals, and safewords. For arousal, you can watch an erotic video, read something sexy, have a dirty talk, or imagine a hot scenario.

Excitement improves blood flow, especially in the genital area, so you are more sensitive. If you don’t feel like experiencing a climax like this, you can try something else or practice until you get the desired results.


If you want to reach hands free orgasm, relax as much as possible - Candy Snatch Reviews



Hands-Free Orgasms With Some Physical Contact 

With a hands free orgasm, you have the option not to use your hands but to have physical contact with an object or another part of the body. This applies both when you are alone and with a partner. That’s why we recommend the following methods for stimulating erogenous zones.


Pressurized water

You can use water pressure to experience a great hands free orgasm. Water can provide friction and sensations to the genitals or other places on the body that are erogenous zones, such as nipples. You can use the shower head, the jets in the hot tub or pool, or the water in the bathtub.


Sex toys

If you want to have a hands free orgasm with sex toys, that is also possible because there are specially designed toys where you do not need to use your hands. There are also vibrators that you can control via the application remotely. For the penis, you can also use a vibrating penis ring.


Dry rubbing

Another way to experience this type of climax is rubbing or dry humping. You can do this with or without clothes, as well as with a partner or some object, furniture, pillow, etc.


Oral sex 

Of course, as long as hands are not used, a hands free orgasm can be achieved in an ideal way with the help of oral sex. Receiving oral sex is a fantastic way to experience orgasm and great pleasure. As much as you want, it is essential not to use your fingers and hand here because it is still a climax without using these body parts!


Nipple play 

Nipple play is another method for experiencing orgasm. This is an extremely sensitive area for many people, and stimulation has excellent results. Here you can combine other methods, not only play with nipples. You can be creative with your partner.



This is similar to humping a partner, with the aim of friction, but it is different. Here, special attention is paid to the genitals and their contact, of course, as we have already said – no hands, no toys.


Watching porn 

Watching porn is another way to experience a hands free orgasm with your partner or by yourself. You can play something you usually like to watch or specially made porn with people having orgasms without using their hands. Use it as inspiration! You can also use your partner’s hands for stimulation.


Virtual sex 

In this method, we are talking about fantasies, which include, for example, sexting or phone sex. You can explore with a partner, and it’s great when combined with dirty talk. In this way, the stimulation of the genitals is eased, and the arousal is increased.


Fantasies involving sexting and dirty talk increase arousal and stimulate hands-free orgasm - Candy Snatch Reviews



Orgasms Without the Use Of Hands 

When it comes to hands free orgasm, they can be with contact, as we have already seen, but also without contact, that is, with some other way of stimulation.


Squeezing the pelvic floor muscles

You can experience a hands free orgasm with the help of contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles. Squeezing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles establishes better circulation and more energy coming to your genital area. This way, you have the opportunity for more excitement.


Practicing tantra

Tantric sex is another great idea for reaching a hands free orgasm. This type of sex includes the practice of Tantra, which originates in India. In this way, you can very easily and deeply connect with others, that is, with your partner.

In this method, you also have deep breathing, and your movements should be slow. In some tantric practices, they do not stimulate the genital area at all and have results that lead to a climax. Some examples are tantric massage or long eye gaze.

Here you can also try the following:

  • Tantric yoga
  • Dancing
  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Breathwork


Orgasmic breathing

If you are just at the beginning of discovering hands free orgasm, the best starting point is breathwork and some types of meditation. In this way, you can achieve exceptional sexual pleasure. 

Conscious breathing, which is actually orgasmic breathing, serves for your sexual enjoyment. With the help of breathing, your energy can pass through the body, and you feel every sensation without restrictions. The secret ingredient to maintaining high sexual arousal is awareness, and this is also the secret to the best hands-free orgasm.


BDSM and sensual play 

The next item on our list of methods for achieving the best hands free orgasm is BDSM and sensual play. This is also an excellent way for sexual enjoyment, in many ways, and also for climaxes where there is no use of hands. Certain sensations in the body can affect sexual desire, although they are not sexual in themselves. This is how you go beyond your limits and also explore your sexuality.

This includes kinky things as well as fetishes and different plays and scenes where there is no touching and no use of hands can greatly affect you. These include spanking, temperature play, and bondage.


Erotic hypnosis


Yоu can reach a hands free orgasm and intense climax with erotic hypnosis technique - Candy Snatch Reviews



Erotic hypnosis is another method you can use at the beginning of your exploration of this technique. You can reach an intense climax with a little practice, and you need to surrender to the hypnotist. 

He will hypnotize you, and you will be in a trance-like state, so it will seem to you that you are in the middle of sexual enjoyment. In this way, hypnosis looks like some kind of sexual fantasy, and it is explained as deep meditation and relaxation, during which you access sexual energy. This does not include touching or physical contact.


Benefits Of Hands-Free Orgasms 

Like masturbation, a hands free orgasm can provide you with many benefits. In the first place are the discovery of your body and your sexuality and great enjoyment. In addition, the benefits you get from this exciting practice are:

  • In this way, you can have some very intense orgasms
  • You can cum whenever you want
  • You can have multiple orgasms and cum more than once
  • You will be able to last longer in other sexual activities
  • You will get to know your body better and what excites you


Myths About a Hands Free Orgasm

There are certain myths when talking about hands free orgasms, as well as with other bedroom activities, and we will mention some of them.

The first myth is that only women can experience this kind of sexual climax. That is not true because this is primarily about mental stimulation, which is a tactic that helps both women and men. Mental orgasm is the result of stimulation in mind, and many sex educators and researchers say that the brain is responsible for everything, which is actually like a big sexual organ. Hands free orgasm first happens in the brain and later in the body.

Another myth related to this climax concerns masturbation. It’s a myth that you don’t need to masturbate if you have a partner or are in a relationship. This is also not true because it is perfectly healthy to do your own research, as it can reduce stress and give you satisfaction.


Is a Hands-Free Orgasm For Everyone? 

Researchers who deal with hands free orgasm say that not everyone can achieve such a climax. Also, they say that not everyone can experience an orgasm, even with the use of their hands. Only a small percentage of people actually have this special privilege. But of course, with practice and the right advice, almost anyone can be part of that percentage of people!


General Tips For Hands-Free Orgasms 

There are some other good tips when it comes to hands free orgasm. Apart from the fact that they should be aroused before the beginning, you also need to imagine that this is like any other sexual activity. You should be relaxed and comfortable. That way, you will focus more easily on sensations and feelings.

In addition, you need to have a strategy, both if you are solo and if you are with a partner. Also, talk to your partner if you plan to experience this climax with him. What is very important is to practice, because that way you will learn the basics much easier, but you will also improve your skills.

When it comes to men and their discovery of orgasms without using hands, you can try vibrators for penis stimulation, rhythmic tension, rubbing, sex toys, sex dolls, and prostate induces orgasms.