What Girth Is Considered Big (And What’s Average)

What Girth Is Considered Big? (And What’s Average?)

The answer to the age-old question of “Does size matter?” in relation to penis size has always raised concern amongst men. On top of that, a man’s perception of his penis size can severely affect his self-esteem.

What makes matters worse is that most people’s frame of reference in terms of penis size comes from porn; where the men in the videos have literally made a living from their bulging manhood.

What Girth Is Considered Big (And What’s Average)

There is little wonder why society’s bias to penis size is so warped as this is hardly a representative sample of what is really out there in the world of penises.

The reality is, most men who bravely go forth unto the doctor’s office with concerns on inadequacies in penile size, generally, are well within the normal or average size range and

Whether you have been privy to having seen two penises in your lifetime or 100, you probably have noticed that penises come in all sorts of shapes and sizes- both in length and girth.

Let’s Talk About Girth, Baby

When talking about size, there is often a lot of emphasis on the length of a penis, but what actually makes the difference when engaging in pleasuring your partner-length alone? Girth? Or both?

Well, What’s The Average?

We have all heard the references relating to girth-the Red Bull can vs the Pringles can, a large aerosol can; all have been used as a reference point for the girth of a penis.

When in reality, you should be comparing your penis girth to a toothpaste tube… when erect. Yes, you read right.

That is because the average girth size of the average man on the street reaches between 4.59 and 4.81 inches wide when fully erect.

When flaccid, penis girth is approximately between 3.5 to 3.9 inches for most men. For context, the average length when erect is 4.7 to 6.3 inches, and when flaccid is 2.8 to 3.9 inches, on average.

But this isn’t the full story- there are a lot of determinants to size day to day and your penis size may look different today from what it did yesterday.


We have all heard of this factor, and it is a legitimate one. In colder temperatures, like in a cold pool or just general cold weather, a non-erect penis may seem a lot smaller than what it usually is.

By the same token, warmer weather will make your penis look a bit larger, as temperature controls the amount of dilation your blood vessels experience.

Warmer temperatures mean bigger dilation and more blood flow, resulting in a bigger visual.

Arousal Levels

The more aroused you are, the more blood will be supplied to your nether regions, resulting in a larger erect size of your penis.


The further you get past the age of 40 can mean a change in testosterone levels and, accompanied by other circulatory conditions, your penis size can appear smaller.

Other factors that influence penis size include the shape of your penis, the weight you are carrying around your belly which can hide some of your penis’ length.

If you suffer from ED (Erectile Dysfunction) your penis could appear smaller at times, if you are on specific medication or if you are a smoker. These factors can all be determinants of your penis length and girth.

What Is Considered Big For Girth?

In terms of erect girth, anything above average girth would be considered to be big (in the above 4.8 inches camp.

Of course, there are men out there with girths over 6.8 inches, making them 51% thicker than average but they make up the large minority of the world. Then when flaccid, a bigger than average-sized penis would be anything above the 3.9-inch mark.

However, society is never happy and when someone is blessed with a penis with a wider girth than its length, it is labeled as a chode.

And calling someone a chode is a clear insult and so having a too wide girth can be seen as a bad thing as well! Cannot win with issues around size this it seems!

How To Measure Girth Accurately

If you are concerned about which side of average you fall under or if you have indeed just the average penis girth, you can measure it.

This is done by use of a soft measuring tape (usually used to take body measurements for clothes) and by placing the edge of the tape in the middle area of your penis and wrapping it around your penis to meet the edge of the tape. This should give you a clear indication of how girthy your penis is.

What Girth Is Considered Big (And What’s Average)

So, Does Size Matter?

The short answer is, for all you size queens out there, that size does not actually matter and that sex with your partner is about a lot more than penetration alone.

Even when focusing on penetration, levels of arousal, angles, and position all play a role in how you feel inside your partner. In other words, most women (and men) on the receiving end just don’t care about the size of your penis but concern themselves more with your actions and how you use your penis with them.

When looking at it from a purely anatomical standpoint, most vaginal canals (and rectums) can only take so much girth and length before it becomes potentially painful for the person on the receiving end, and in general, most people just like the feeling of being stretched slightly and not torn apart.

So even though girth may be more relevant to most people than length and you may desire a bigger girth, it still may not improve your reputation in the bedroom.

Still Worried About Your Girth?

There are some options out there to help you increase the size of your girth if you are concerned about it.

Using a penis pump, prosthetics, and silicone sleeves are great solutions to temporarily enlarge the girth of your penis and there are products out there that can help you and your partner control the depth of the penetration of your penis.

If you are not satisfied with this, you can consider cosmetic surgery. The Penuma procedure is the only FDA-approved cosmetic surgery that enhances girth size.

During this procedure, a surgeon will insert medical-grade silicone under the skin of the penis to increase its thickness.

This procedure is essentially a boob-job for your penis. However, it does not come cheaply and these types of procedures can cost you upwards of $15,000 and involve all the risks associated with surgeries.

Of course, before undertaking any drastic measures it is recommended that you speak to a doctor, sexual health professional, counselor, or even just your partner.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as just having an open and honest conversation with your partner and working on exploring girth issues with the use of toys, different positions, etc.

Final Thoughts

In short, when you and your partner are attuned to each other’s pleasure, any size penis can be a good penis.

We hope this article has helped you understand that a little more.