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What is CNC Kink: Your Helpful Guide

Many fetishes and kinks within BDSM have become increasingly popular in recent years, so our question today is – what is CNC kink? First, this is one of the kinks that is often criticized in the world of BDSM and sex in general because this kink is seen as rape play.

Although it may be surprising, a large percentage of women have fantasies about their man sometimes using force in the bedroom.

In any case, CNC is a term that refers to two partners who have a mutual agreement to participate in forced sex. Also, there is consent not to consent, and one partner is dominant while the other is submissive. Many people within BDSM worship and practice this kink, which others often consider unethical. Certainly, it is important to know what it means and what it includes. So, what is CNC kink?


The Concept of Consensual Non-Consent(CNC)

Kinks are not always acceptable and are often condemned and criticized by society, and many people actually have different kinks and fetishes.

So, we have come to the question – what is CNC kink? Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) is the term for a play that takes place between two parties who agree to pretend not to consent. 

First, you need to agree in detail on what the scene looks like, and everyone has an equal right to vote on how everything will unfold. In each of the plays, which are very diverse, “no” actually means “yes” when it comes to consent. This is precisely the essence of this kink, which actually provides the opportunity for even greater excitement.

There are also safety measures to be taken, such as setting safewords to keep both partners safe in CNC kink when it comes to roleplay and dangerous situations. What makes CNC kink attractive to people is that it allows them to have fun and explore different power dynamics. 

Everything should be as agreed upon and safe. When it comes to dominance and submissiveness, we should not forget that there should be no crossing of boundaries or humiliation. So your sexual fantasies can be expressed in a proper, safe way.


More than just forced sex

CNC kink has different dynamics in a D/s relationship, where D denotes the dominant partner and s the submissive partner. It is important to note that not every CNC is related to the rape scene, although it also has that play.

When it comes to a CNC kink, you can think of it as a term for different relationships within a D/s relationship, which can be called forced. This includes blindfolding, tying to the floor as well as restricting touching.

It is good to mention that this is not only forced sex, but CNC kink also depends on mutual trust, which is especially important for the first CNC experience.


Do All People Fantasize About Forced Sex?


Many women fantasize about forced sex and want to be submissive to their partner - Candy Snatch Reviews

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When it comes to the question – what is CNC kink? – there is one more thing we can ask: do all people fantasize about forced sex? Many people fantasize about forced sex because they want to escape from themselves and be submissive to their partner. Also, some people want to escape responsibility and control in life, and CNC kink gives them that. 

The goal is to let go and enjoy, which is often something we think about. Many people will not admit that they have this kink because it sometimes has a bad connotation, and it’s uncomfortable to talk openly about it.

In any case, desires for this indulgence within the framework of CNC kink are not something bad in themselves but speak about the psychology of people. This also manifests itself in sexuality. Consensual non-consent fantasies are actually widespread, much more common than you think. However, they remain taboo, so that they can be approached in many ways.


Safewords In CNC As Trust 

We have revealed to you the answer to the question: what is CNC kink? Next, we are talking about safewords, which are mandatory in this sexual practice.

Why is trust important within CNC kink? We will give you some of the reasons for creating a trust base as well as safewords:

  • Trust is important, especially if there are different risks involved in activities such as BDSM and CNC. That is exactly why it is important to create safewords.
  • The dominant partner should be responsible for reminding the submissive partner that they have a safeword.
  • In some cases, there may be a shorter suspension of safewords if it is during a punishment. In the classic CNC relationship, the safeword is desirable, while some similar forms do not allow it, such as the TPE relationship, which we will talk about later.


Avoiding Sexual Assault Through Safewords

Safewords are important because, in this case, we are dealing with a tricky subject: consent. Both partners know that “no” means “yes” within CNC. 

This is important because there will be situations when you will almost cross your limits, so the word “no” should not mean the end of the play, but that’s what the safeword is for. They can be of different types, for completely stopping the action or for changing the direction.

In some CNC relationships, partners will agree on rules and establish boundaries. The point of the contract is to respect both parties and to make everything safe so that you can freely enjoy yourself in the CNC kink.


Non-sexual CNC Kink

When it comes to CNC kink, we must mention something else that may surprise you. CNC kink is not always related to sexual activities, and it doesn’t even have to be very kinky. This practice has some special activities, such as punishments outside the bedroom. 

There is often roleplay, meaning there is no real overpowering of the partner, but both partners pretend to have different roles. 

There are also special scenes within this practice that refer to some other types of relationships, such as:

  • mommy/daddy, 
  • slave/master,
  • pet/owner.

Here it is more apparent who is the dominant partner and who is submissive, but this is not always the case. The dynamics can also change depending on the scene.


In non-sexual CNC kink, partners can pretend to have different roles - Candy Snatch Reviews

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Types of CNC Kink

We explained that CNC kink is not always sexual in nature, but it can be in many plays.

There are certain types that are very popular, which include roles:

  • rape play
  • selling
  • blackmail
  • hypnosis
  • kidnapping



Perhaps one of the most common types of play within CNC kink is the so-called Sleeping Beauty play. The term is also somnophilia, which denotes a special kink in which the dominant partner is free to do whatever they want to the submissive partner – while the sub sleeps. Here it is also necessary that the submissive partner agrees to this type of activity.


TPE Relationships 

We talked about CNC kink and went through some general details and types. Now we can say something about what a TPE relationship is within this popular kink.

TPE stands for Total Power Exchange. This relationship, which is based on the exchange of power between the partners, includes both parties’ daily life and sexual life. Within a TPE relationship, there is an agreement that the dominant partner has complete 24/7 control over the submissive partner. As we have already mentioned, this sometimes even includes not having a safeword.

This type of power relationship applies to all aspects of the submissive partner’s life, including mental and physical, as well as financial and emotional control. It can be the control of the partner’s clothes, bank accounts, meals, etc. The recommendation for a TPE relationship is only for those partners who know each other well to avoid unpleasant or even dangerous situations.


Preparing For the CNC Kink Scene 

We have explained what typical scenes for CNC kink are and what they look like. Now we can say something about how to prepare for the scene.


A set of terms and limits

At the very beginning, in order to gain insight into what CNC kink actually is in your case and what it includes, you can make a contract. 

The contract is essential to set boundaries and rules immediately, and it results from open communication between partners based on trust. This should include conditions, restrictions, responsibilities, confidentiality, rewards, punishments, etc. 

The most important thing is that the partners agree and be as precise as possible when it comes to the use of props, e.g., belts, butt plugs, and dildos. This also applies to actions such as slapping, spanking, tying up, etc. There may be a possibility of negotiation, and it should also be determined which sex toys are used and whether contraception is used or not.


Playing the scene

CNC kink is very versatile and can take place in many ways. YOU should set the scene with your partner in advance, in detail and clearly. You can use costumes, props, and sex toys, but it is not always necessary.

Roleplay serves to explore roles and experiment with other identities, which adds to the excitement. It is recommended that, if you have a CNC scene outdoors, you do not attract much attention because the environment is unaware of your activities and kink and that both parties agree and have a roleplay.


Providing aftercare

In the CNC scene, it’s not the end when you reach orgasm; you also need aftercare. Aftercare can be as intense as the scene itself, as well as the experience you will get from it. This can be words of praise, caressing, or kissing, while some people like to spend time thinking and talking about what they did in the play. In aftercare, too, you should have open communication and respect for your partner.


CNC Examples


Many extra exciting examples of CNC play can serve as a good setting or scene - Candy Snatch Reviews

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So, we’ve explained what CNC kink is. Now we will see what some examples of CNC play are. Roleplay doesn’t necessarily go with CNC kink, but it can be extra exciting. That’s why we present to you some of the best roleplay ideas that you can have in different CNC settings and scenes:

  • Officer and Citizen
  • Alien Abduction
  • Burglar with Homeowner
  • Kidnapper and Victim
  • Doctor and Patient
  • Fake fight
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Slave Auction
  • Boss and Employee
  • Mugger and Walker
  • Rejected Affections

Many of these scenes are ideal for a setting that just suits you so that you create a sense of vulnerability and mild helplessness in certain cases. This is suitable for a successful CNC scene because the roleplay will further emphasize your excitement.


Is CNC Roleplay Unethical? 

When talking about what CNC kink is, we can also ask whether it is ethical or not. Many people are against CNC kink for several reasons, saying that practicing this type of sexual fantasy is unethical. Criticisms are directed toward the fact that there are many risks, such as CNC can cause real trauma and sexual assault. 

Also, it is considered that within this kink, it is easy to cross the originally established boundaries. Damage or injury can easily occur, and the submissive partner is unable to end the CNC relationship. There may be legal consequences if an injury occurs. That is why Consensual non-consent remains a taboo topic, and if you practice it, you should be fully responsible and careful in this relationship.

When practicing risky sexual activities, you need to first familiarize yourself with the potential dangers that may arise. It is also good to use other safety measures, as well as safewords or safe phrases. You should also be aware of your surroundings.


The Risks of CNC 

With the question – what is CNC kink? – we can also ask what the risks are. Many BDSM practices and scenes can lead to serious injuries. Within this, many people are guided by the idea of the RACK paradigm – Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

Consensual non-consent is one of the dangerous sexual activities, which is good to mention because this is not just ordinary rough sex, as it is often thought. Here you can have a risk of bruises, cuts, friction, fatigue, dehydration, and maybe, in some cases, more severe injuries like shattered bones.

Both partners can get injuries within the CNK kink, and other health problems can occur as a result. Also, if you already have a health problem, such as blood sugar or high blood pressure, CNC activities may be more difficult for you.

Within the CNK, there may be other inconveniences apart from health problems. A person’s trust or safety may be violated after the CNC scene. In the case of an intense scene, some traumas can be activated, too. Some of the consequences are also potential anxiety and panic attacks. If you forget your safeword and are still safe, you must establish a relationship of trust with a partner you can rely on.

You should be responsible so that you don’t do something you don’t want to your partner.

Tips for reducing these risks are:

  • Open communication
  • Planned CNC scenario
  • Starting slowly
  • Establishing trust and safe words

Your skills will increase over time, so you will be ready for unexpected situations.